100% my type on paper... or not?

When Maya is pied off by her boyfriend, her two best friends are determined she has a summer of fun.

But when Maya feels a connection with not one, but three perfect-on-paper guys, her holiday romance proves more complicated than she expects.

It's going to be a long, hot summer...



Emma Nash is determined to work out the world of friendships and relationships once and for all (...ish).

Now she's given up on love, Emma's expecting life to be a breeze but with her best friends suddenly all in relationships or discovering other interests, Emma's not sure what to do with herself.

So Emma's got a mission in mind: make new friends. Signing up for the school fashion show seems like the perfect opportunity. Although soon, through a series of mishaps that are absolutely not Emma's fault (well, sort of), her world is teetering on the edge of disaster again.

Would going back to creating a life online reaaaaallllly be so bad?


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'According to Netflix, this is NOT how my teenage life is supposed to look.'

When Emma Nash is ghosted by love of her life Leon Naylor, she does what any girl would do - spends the summer avoiding all human contact, surrounded by the Chewit wrappers he left behind.

Seeing Leon suddenly ‘in a relationship’ on Facebook, however, spurs Emma into action. She vows to use the internet for good (instead of stalking Leon’s social media),chronicling her adventures on her new Editing Emma blog.

But life online doesn’t always run smoothly.

From finding her mum’s Tinder profile, to getting catfished and accidentally telling the entire world why Leon Naylor is worth no girl’s virginity… Surely nothing else could go wrong?!

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