CHCCYA Fest was so much fun, not least because it was out near me in East London. Hardly any literary events seem to happen out my way, so I was delighted to be part of something happening in Chadwell Heath Community Centre!

I got to chat BFFs with the fantastic Non Pratt, Alice Oseman and Mary Bello, which was a super fun panel and especially relevant to me on book 2, given that the Editing Emma sequel (Friendship Fails of Emma Nash) is all about Emma’s search for new best pal.

I also got to chat about my job as a literary agent, and give some tips on submissions.

Thanks to the lovely Chantelle for organising! I’ve used the design for CHCCYA Fest in 2019 as the image, as it’s got their fab new branding – if you’re interested in YA and live anywhere near Chadwell Heath, definitely check out this event next year!

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